MINE HUNTER MH 57 Type Drukuj


The Mine Hunter is designed for mine warfare operations, operations as a part of tactical group and co-operations with other naval forces. The vessel can operate in closed seas  and coastal waters of seas and oceans.


  • Search, classification and identification of mines in port regions, sea bases and anchorages;

  • Conducting other ships through mine hazard areas;

  • Marking or destroying  mines and mine barriers;

  • Defense against mines at sea passages;

  • Quick recognizing of fairways;

  • Surveillance;

  • Search and fight against means and forces of underwater defense in naval bases.


Length o.a. 56.70 m
Length b.p. 51,00 m
Breadth 10,00 m
Depth to bridge deck 8,60 m
Draught   2,40 m
Displacement 655 T
Speed   12 knots
Range 1400 Nm
Endurance 10 days
Crew 39 persons



Superstructure and deckhouse will be built in lightweight fully welded construction with raked and transom stern with two platforms as well as lower aft deck for easy launching and recovery of mine disposal equipment.


All living and service spaces are fully air conditioned.


The  vessel is driven by two marine diesel  engines of  670 kW each with reduction-reversing gear box for each engine and two Voith-Schneider  propellers.


The vessel is equipped  with three diesel generators of 300 kVA each. 

Mine Counter Measure (MCM) COMBAT SYSTEMS

  • SHL 101 T mine countermeasure hull mounted sonar;

  • SHL 200 DSP towed array sonar;

  • Self propelled mine counter charge GŁUPTAK system;

  • Mine countermeasure remotely operated underwater vehicle UKWIAŁ system operated with disposal charge TOCZEK system.

Additionally can be used:

  • AUV SeaCat system;

  • AUV SeaOtter Mk II system.


The ship is fitted with the following armament as required by the vessel’s  mission:

  • one 20 ÷ 30 mm naval gun;

  • two 12,7 mm machine guns;

  • anti air missile launching GROM system;

  • small arms.


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