NS-321 Drukuj


Single deck, twin screw with two tier superstructure tug boat, designated for towing and pushing other ships in harbours, at roadstead and in the coastal waters.


  • Length over all
  • Length between perpendiculars
  • Breadth with fenders
  • Moulded breadth
  • Depth
  • Draught
  • Full displacement
  • Bollard pull
  • Maximum speed
  • Propulsion
  • Range
  • Crew

22.10 m
20.00 m
abt 7.00 m
6.60 m
3.20 m
abt 2.30 m
abt 157 t
172 kN
11 knots
2 x 550 kW
abt. 700 Nm
5 persons


  • 1 towing hook 200 kN, attached to aft superstructure wall, released remotely from the wheelhouse;
  • 1 steel tow-rope Æ 36, 150 m length, kept at the drum;
  • 1 double cross bitt at the stern (for sea towing);
  • 1 towing beam;
  • 1 stern pipe.


The tug boat is driven by two diesel engines with two reduction-reversing gearboxes, two fixed pitch propellers in Kort nozzles and two parallel blade rudders.



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