Production facilities of the Naval Shipyard Gdynia S.A.
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Shipyard has at its disposal the following docking facilities:

1. Floating dock
- lifting capacity 8.000 t
- length overall 150 m
- internal breadth 27 m
- draught over keelblocks 8 m
- compressed air system 0.6 MPa
- storage fuel oil tanks 150 cum
- cranes 2 x 8 t
- sludge and sewage tank
- steam and firefighting system
- power supply AC - 440 V, 380 V, 220 V
DC - 220 V, 110 V, 24 V
- maximum length of lifted vessel 170 m

2. Syncrolift System with 14 workstations
- lifting capacity 2.200 t
- length overall 100 m
- internal breadth 22 m
- draught over keelblocks 5.0 m
- compressed air system 0.6 MPa
- cranes Up to 50 t
- sludge and sewage tank
- steam, firefighting, fresh water and acetylen / oxygen systems
- power supply AC - 440 V, 220 V 24 V
- maximum length of lifted vessel up to110 m

3. Flat panel welding line
One side welding on flux backing strip by SAW method (submerged arc) skin plate panels of thickness 3 –12 mm and length up to 10 m.
Assembly and tack welding of stiffeners (plain bulbs, angle bars, flat bars) parallel or perpendicular to plate panel contacts.

Stiffeners dimensions limits:
min. 60x5 mm, max. 340x12 mm
length: min. 1 000 mm, max 10 000 mm
spacing gap min. 300 mm
Welding of the assembled and tack-welded stiffeners to plate panel by MAG method.
Section weight and dimensions:
Maximum weight of prefabricated section 10T;
Maximum width of section 8 000 mm.
Use of magnetic clamping devices precludes prefabrication of non-magnetic material sections.

Naval Shipyard Gdynia has fully equipped wharfs with draught up to 8 m alongside and with cranes from 8 t to 25 t lifting capacity.

Shipyard's workshops and their advanced technical equipment enable to carry out the following operations:

- Sandblasting and gritblasting, 
- Treatment of hull plates (pretreatment and heavy treatment), 
- Gas and electric welding, 
- Machining of forged steel shafts, 
- Planting and grinding of flat surfaces, 
- Boring of housing, bearing seats, e.t.c., 
- Treatment and construction of piping systems (bending, flange welding, repair of valves and flaps, e.t.c.), 
- Construction of ventilation trunks and ducts internal diameter up to 850 mm, 
- Woodworking jobs (furniture, walls and ceiling panelling) and rigging works, 
- Main engine, auxiliary machinery, shaftline and rudder repairs, refits and overhauls, 
- Repairs of distributing and control systems for main engines air conditioning systems, refrigerating plants, engine room telegraphs, e.t.c., 
- Repairs and refits of electric motors, measuring instruments (thermometers, tachometers, voltmeters, ammemeters, wattmeters, e.t.c., 
- Repairs of steam boilers, 
- Wire communication systems repairs, 
- Radio - communication devices repairs (transceivers, receivers, radiotelephones, alarm signal receivers), 
- Radars, gyrocompasses, logs, radiodirection finders and echosounders repairs, 
- Verification of compressed air cylinders.


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