About the Naval Shipyard S.A.
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 I. General information 

Full style:

Stocznia Marynarki Wojennej Spółka Akcyjna

English wording:
Naval Shipyard S.A
abbrev. NSG S.A.

Legal status: joint-stock company owned by the Treasury of the Republic of Poland – Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. (the Industrial Development Agency S.A.) and Ministry of National Defence.

Court register:

KRS 0000245948 (Register of Enterprises in VIII Register Department of District Court Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk



TAX Id No: PL 5860104411

PKD: 3011 Z
(National Business Activity Classification):
EKD: 3011
(European Business Activity Classification)
NCAGE: 0224H

Personal Data Protection

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Company headquarters:

81-127 Gdynia, Poland,  ul. Śmidowicza 48

Phone: (+48 58) 625 81 02, fax: (+48 58 625 01 47),

e-mail: smu@navship.pl


Trustee - Magdalena Smółka

phone: +48 58 625 80 02

III. Scope of activity

  • Repairs, conversions, modernisation, maintenance of Navy vessels, merchant, fishers, technical and special fleet.
  • Newbuildings.
  • Manufacturing of special devices, articles, units and subunits, components, and spare parts.
  • Services: repairs, docking, designing, subcontracting, forwarding, storage, testing, lodging, summer resort, health care
  • Foreign trade of products and services.

Stocznia Marynarki Wojennej S.A. (English wording: The Naval Shipyard Gdynia S.A., abbrev. NSG S.A.) is the oldest of currently existing shipyard in Poland. The main purpose of its business activity is to meet the needs of national defence with regard to repairs, conversions, modernizations and maintenances of naval vessels for the Polish Navy as well merchant, fishers, technical and special fleet. It is worth mentioning that our company performs the repairs of submarines in the full range. Additionally, the NSG S.A. specializes in the construction of vessels both civilian and special, as well as the production of specialistic equipment and devices, components and spare parts. Moreover  we provide the following services: repairs, docking, designing, subcontracting, forwarding, storage and testing. We operate both on the territory of the Republic of Poland as well as abroad. Due to the wide range of our services and the solid approach to the executed orders, we invite you to cooperate with our company.




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